Credit Card Verification Tool

Welcome to the Credit Card Validator! You can use this tool to verify one or more credit or debit card numbers with multiple validation methods, including Luhn checksum verification and card scheme verification via the card's IIN. You can test the validator with 4242424242424242, or numbers from our fake credit card number generator.

For security purposes, all verification is done client-side with JavaScript, and no data is saved or sent to our server.

Validate Credit Card Numbers

How This Card Number Validator Works

This tool uses the Luhn algorithm, an error-checking algorithm supported by all major credit card numbers, to verify each card numbers' length and validity.

If you choose to validate card schema, we use our list of known IINs for each card schema (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc) to determine the card type.

You can validate an unlimited amount of card numbers by entering one per line in the validation box. Results are provided in CSV-compatible format.

Disclaimer: Thank you for using! Please note that while we strive to ensure that our list of credit/debit card IIN/BINs and other payment card data is complete and up to date, we have to provide this resource on an AS-IS basis and cannot guarantee its accuracy.

None of the data you enter on this site will be stored or cached on our servers. All of our credit card verification tools are client-side, so entered data never leaves your browser.

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